Photographs need to be given life. They need to be printed so that they become tangible objects that you can touch and see them. This is why, to me, a wedding album is so important. It becomes a piece of your family’s history and that sometimes that you can take out from time to time to look at and remind yourself of the memories from your wedding day.

I work with one of the UKs finest album manufacturers who produce stunning handmade fine-art albums. I’ve used them for over 6 years and they are as passionate about what they do, as I am. This means I have no hesitation in using their products to ensure your images are presented in the best possible way.

The albums are hand-bound and use the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks. Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographs can be displayed across two pages.

With an unrestricted lay-out and archival quality materials to last a lifetime and a maximum of 40 double page spreads, these albums show your wedding photographs off to perfection

You can see some of my recent designs for couples’ album layouts below.
Packington Moor Wedding Venue Photographs
Packington Moor wedding - bride's bouquet of flowers
Packington Moor Wedding photograph of flowers and wedding guest book

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