A Fazeley Studios Wedding Planned in 6 Weeks

It’s a common view that the minute you get engaged you need to start planning your wedding for, like months.  After all, it is your big day, isn’t it? But, when you strip away all the things that don’t really matter and you know what you want your wedding to be about, it makes the process a lot easier. A venue, a registrar/priest/vicar, possibly somewhere to have a party – food/drink and friends and family. That’s it when you break it down.

When I first spoke to Claire on the phone, I knew that she was a bride who knew exactly what she wanted. After all, technically, she’d already been married a month or so before in The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vagas. Her and Steve got married in a small ceremony, in cowboy boots, by Elvis. I mean, come on, the King himself.  Simple, small and pretty off-the-cuff was how they wanted it.. but the niggly feeling that they needed to do something at home for their family and friends to be present, nagged in Claire’s head.

So, in the space of six weeks, Claire organised their UK version of the wedding proving that it is actually possible to do it (my wife and I were a little slower at 3 months for ours) in a short time-frame. Claire found the beautiful venue of Fazeley Studios, in Birmingham – and knew that it was exactly what she wanted – which was basically to have a party there for everyone. Keeping her choices simple and having a degree of flexibility meant that she was able to make quick decisions and stay focused on what was important – which was everyone coming together to celebrate.

On an early November Sunday, Claire and Steve got married at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth. Their day was exactly as Claire had planned – despite some elements going slightly awry. In fact, the day brought a couple of surprises which made it even more emotional and special. You know what, the King himself wasn’t there but in his place was a wedding that held emotion and family at its very heart.

So, don’t worry if spending 18 months planning your wedding isn’t for you. Do what you feel and focus on the elements that will make the day special to you – and I’ll tell you, that in 10 years time, it’s not the chair covers, nor the weather that makes a difference, it’s the people who spend the day with you that you’ll remember.

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