Let it Snow!

Waking up to see that it’s snowing outside takes me back to when I was a kid, not sure why – because looking back it never really seemed to snow that often then! Anyway – I woke up to discover that the weather forecast had actually got it right – and view from the window was a very snowy one!

Now usually most people would look out of the window and not leave the house all day – but instead of doing that, we decided to have a walk along the Rea Valley path to Canon Hill Park and I am so glad we did! I’m not usually bothered in taking my camera out for fun in adverse conditions especially with the mix of freezing temperatures/snow falling etc, but I got some great photographs in the 3 miles we walked along the river Rea.

It was an amazing walk in the snow and the amount of wildlife we saw was great! A very chilly Heron and a Kingfisher were the most notable, however as I was travelling light, I’d only got a 50mm 1.8 prime lens on the camera – so wasn’t able to get that close without them flying off!

If you’re stuck in the house due to the snow – grab your camera, wrap up warm and get out there and take some photographs. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera (or even a DSLR) on automatic – you may find that the snow comes out a dull grey – this is due to the way the camera works how much light is in scene (or it’s metering for the technically minded). The camera sees lots of white in the image and because it’s trying to average the overall scene to a mid-grey mix – it underexposes the photograph – hence the snow comes out dull grey. The solution is relative straightforward – the simplest is to up the exposure in Photoshop to make the overall scene brighter – or if your camera allows it, increase the exposure slightly in camera. My preferred method was to use a light meter to meter the light separately from the camera and then use the camera in manual mode.

Anyway here’s the photographs from todays snowy walk – hope you enjoy them!



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