Forget boring, staged photographs against a white background. If you want photographs that are special we need to make the experience special. It’s about involving the family, creating special moments that capture the essence of who you are which makes my portrait sessions enjoyable and fun. I use the environment around me as a backdrop to your images which gives the photographs a contemporary and timeless look.
My portrait sessions are bespoke meaning that there’s a certain degree of work which I do beforehand to enable to me to best understand and get to know you. Then, the session usually takes place in a morning or afternoon and will be approximate 2-3 hrs. Because of the nature of how I work – sometimes when the weather is really bad – we may have to re-schedule – but most of the time there are places that I can shoot whatever the weather. Because of the individual nature of my portrait experiences I advise people to book well in advance as I only shoot a limited number of sessions per year. Alternatively, at certain points in the year I do offer portrait days in locations around the country where I shoot a number of sessions in a day.

We will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much for everything

“From meeting John for the first time we knew our pictures would be amazing!” Skye-Laurel-White

Thank you John and team for making our day a memorable experience!

“John and his team were really prepared and both my husband and I felt in good hands”


A true professional

“I was amazed by the pics he got of our special day. Thanks  John for giving us memories we will treasure for the rest of our days



My clients sometimes ask me what they should wear for their engagement or portrait session. While there are no set rules, some clothes photograph better than others, so I’ve put a guide together that will help you decide on the best outfit for the day. Avoiding patterns and logos Patterns and logos generally distract the viewer from the subject of the photograph (i.e. you!). Thin stripes tend to cause havoc with a digital images. If you do want to wear a pattern then try to keep it to just one item, i.e. jeans with a patterned top. Colours Solid colours tend to work best: All the attention is on you and not your clothing. If there’s more than one person in the picture, try to co-ordinate colours so that they work well together. You don’t all need to wear the same colour (if fact it’s better if you don’t!) – just make sure the colours don’t clash. Choosing colours which are complementary (i.e. colours opposite to each other on the colour wheel) or colours which are adjacent to each other (harmonious colours) works well. Most people just know what colour combinations work for them and for those that don’t there’s a number of websites with some really good guides to colour out there. Alternatively, if you are really stuck I do know some great image consultants who can advise you on colours and how to combine them.
Consistency For family portraits make sure that you are all dressed for the same season. If one person is wearing a jacket – then you don’t want someone else in a t-shirt and shorts. Layers and accessories Wear or bring scarves, earrings, wellies, brollies – whatever you love and makes you and your family unique. When photographing young children, bring a couple of their favourite toys. They’re a great prop and it also makes it easier to great photographs of them. Children When photographing children I’ve found that letting them wear more casual clothes works well both for their mood and the final photographs. I want to capture them as themselves and their personality and it’s those photographs which you’ll treasure as they grew up. Also, the likelihood is that we’ll be working on the same level as your children, so if I’m on the floor – your children will be rolling around too! Dirt is good as they say! The end result It’s a good idea to think about what you are going to do with the images after the session. If you’re looking for a large framed print to go on the wall, then maybe choose colours to wear that fit with the existing or planned colour scheme in the room. Let me know before the session what you are thinking of doing with the final images and I can tailor what I do towards that. The session is all about you! Wearing something that you feel comfortable in, something that makes you feel great and confident is the way to look great in photographs. If you don’t normally wear heels, the day of your session isn’t the best time to start. Having said all of the above, if you want to wear something you love and I’ve said you shouldn’t then by all means wear it! If you’re still stuck and can’t choose between different outfits or are unsure of the colours – either bring them along with you or email me some photos of them (an iphone photo will do) and I’ll you choose the ones that will work best in photographs


How much are the sessions?
Portrait sessions start at £125
What will we get?
Up to a two hour photo shoot on location with John
How long until we can see our photographs
I aim to have your photographs ready for you to see within 2 weeks.
How do we book?
Get in touch by filling out my contact form and we can discuss your ideas. Once I’ve received your session fee, we’ll get your date booked in.

Contact me to book your portrait session now!

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