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One of the things I see at weddings is the food. This is generally overlooked by the majority of photographers and I don’t understand why – as it’s still a detail of the wedding that generally clients have spent a lot of money on.

This photograph was taken at Johanna and Steve’s wedding at Hampton Manor last summer and yes, it was as good as it looks in the photograph! Their award-winning Head Chef Martyn Pearn certainly knows how to create beautiful food which would wow any wedding guest!

There are some things that if you’re trying to do a wedding on a budget that you should cut back on – but the food is not one of them. Too many wedding venues get away with serving wedding breakfasts that are, well, just mediocre. Let’s face it – no one is going to remember re-heated chicken in a white wine sauce with lukewarm veg that took forever to reach the table. Before booking a venue, try the food there – and I’d advise going there “undercover” – think mystery-customer style. Was the service good? Were the staff switched on and knowledgeable? Did the wine waiter know his Chardonnay from his Semillio?

One of reasons I love photographing wedding at venues such as Hampton Manor is that their attention to detail is fantastic -they have their client’s (and my client’s) best interests at heart throughout the wedding day. From my perspective, I want to be able to speak to the co-ordinator to find out when they expect to be serving food – so I know what I’m working to time-wise (I usually have a timeline from my client before hand – but it’s always good to check with the venue on the day). Some of the venues I’ve worked at – the wedding co-ordinator didn’t work weekends – the consequences of which meant none of the staff knew what was happening and in one case the registrar was left waiting at reception for 20 minutes.

So, when looking at a venue – treat yourselves to a meal there – it’ll often reveal more about the venue than their brochure will tell you!




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