Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Engagement Session – Julie +Nick

One of the things that I love about living in a city like Birmingham is that it’s made up of so many environments, from parks to industrial areas through to beautiful architecture. This gives me plenty of options when it comes to locations for doing engagement shoots – making each one unique and individual.

Julie and Nick’s engagement shoot took place one weekday evening in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter where they both lived. Their engagement shoot was a really good demonstration why engagement shoots are useful – both from mine and the couple’s perspective. Even one of my couples is unique and are different from the next couple. Some couples don’t show affection in public – some do, some couples aren’t that tactile, some are. Some couples bounce off each other in terms of joking around – some don’t. An engagement shoot helps me understand how a couple works and at the same time, they get to see that actually, being photographed isn’t as bad as they think it is going to be. A lot of my clients say are quite apprehensive about being photographed – but after the session – they tell me they really enjoyed it.

For Julie and Nick, both of them are particularly private and not used to being photographed in public – so for them, choosing the Jewellery quarter towards the end of the day meant that there weren’t going to be hundreds of people of around.

The Jewellery quarter provides a multitude of locations from the beautiful St. Pauls Sq, through to old industrial buildings with distressed brick and paintwork. What made it work in this session was because of the time of day that we’d chosen – the light was lovely and soft and had some direction to it, giving the light a lovely quality.

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