Dumbleton Hall, Evesham, Why I love this picture

I love photographing weddings and for me, the day is always filled with emotion to capture. The one part of the wedding that I love is the speeches. I love hearing the stories about the bride and groom and most important seeing the emotion on their family and friends’ when they hear the stories and jokes.

There’s nothing like hearing a speech that has thought and emotion in it. A well written speech comes from the heart – and not from a Google search!

This photograph was taken at Laura and Graeme’s wedding at Dumbleton Hall near Evesham. I love it because it completely captures a moment between the bride and her father – with the two mothers and the groom overhearing the joke.

I happened to be at the front of the top table and heard the moment before I lifted the camera to capture this image. For me, moments like this which capture emotion are far more important that a technically “correct” shot. Everything in this photograph is about the moment and the emotion – which is the reason why it’s one of my favourites from this wedding.


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