Highbury Hall Wedding, Birmingham – Sophia + Nate

One of the things that I love about a good wedding is when everyone is on the dance floor. There’s nothing like a Ceilidh band to get everyone up on their feet and moving!

At Sophia and Nate’s wedding, the Burdock band which can be found at http://www.theburdockband.co.uk/, provided the music and entertainment. With the nature of a Ceilidh, everyone is moving pretty quickly and pretty much all over the place – so for a photographer, you do sometimes feel like you’re taking your life into your hands when you are trying to take photographs of it!

One of the reasons I love this photograph of the Ceilidh was that it was a dance that had more European roots to the normal sort of dance you’d expect.  The fact that the Bride and Groom were in the middle of the circle of people dancing around them worked for me in terms of the image. I’d chosen my view point based on I wanted to get some height into the image and using a wide lens meant that captured some of the people closest to me to help frame the couple in the centre of the photograph. The use of a flash in the background just helps lift the light and illuminate the guests in the background.

This was one of my favourite images from this wedding I hope you enjoy it too!

Ceilidh Band at Highbury Hall Wedding - John Charlton Wedding Photographer
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